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Luis Del Rosal, born with a neurological condition called Tourette syndrome, is an amazing children’s book author. Having instilled the idea of being inspirational and helpful to the kids in need, Rosal jots down his novels for the little ones to make them feel absolutely normal, strong, and encouraged for a better tomorrow. His book carries a strong message and mix of complex yet vital emotions that one needs to comprehend and implant in their mind and heart to be a better sibling, supportive friend, reassuring parent, and a kind human in general. His books are easily comprehendible, short, and thought-provoking for young minds, teaching important life lessons of acceptance, friendships, hardships, happiness, and children’s struggles. He aims to spread awareness about his rare condition, Tourette syndrome with an idea to help other kids with TS.

The story revolves around the main character, Alberto, who faces numerous challenges in his life. But it was his faithful friends and positive demeanour that has always held him together and shaped him into a kind soul that loves whatever life offers to him.

Rosal’s books are the medium to spread love in hearts full of hate, hope in the moment of darkness, perseverance in the most challenging times, and faith in a world full of disbelief. His book portrays the message that everyone gets hurt at some point in their lives. However, what matters is how one overcomes his issues in life and grows mentally and emotionally strong. It serves as a guide for all to cross the bumpy roads of life harnessed with hope, peace, confidence, persistence, motivation, and prosperity, portraying a powerful message for all to always looks up to the brighter side as he is an avid believer that it’s the perspective that routes the road of life to either utterly beautiful heaven or a miserable hell. The rest is the aftermath of the choices one makes for themselves.
Below is the list of his incredibly captivating and eye-opening fantasy children’s books:

Alberto’s New Home

In search of a better life, Alberto and his parents have relocated to a foreign country. A lone child, he is already seven years old. He formerly called Guadalajara, Mexico, home. The city of Chicago, USA, seems like a new planet to him now that he has relocated there. He meets new people and learns that he can find joy in any setting. In other words, it’s an adaptive process that’s planted in him valuable traits like flexibility and great agility.

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Alberto’s School Trip

This is yet another mini children’s book. The book consists of true tales from a young Mexican boy’s adventures in the Windy City. Alberto prepares to experience Chicago, his new home. He is awed by Chicago’s many attractions and marvels, such as the city’s landmark buildings. He sets out on this little trip along with his trusty companions Mariana and Noah. His new temporary residence improves and becomes more enjoyable as time passes. This turns out to be fantastic, according to Alberto. It’s a book about learning to get along with others and expanding one’s perspective.

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Alberto’s New Friend

For Alberto’s birthday, his parents have prepared a pretty unusual surprise. He brings home a dog, which he calls Enano. Their family has expanded to include the adorable puppy. The two of his buddies, Mariana and Noah, are at the park, so he takes his new little playmate there to introduce him. He can’t contain his joy over the newest member of his family. Alberto grows up and figures out how to be a decent pet owner for his new puppy. The story develops in kids a sense of responsibility and introduces them to the intricate feelings of love, care and affection.

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Owen To The Moon

Owen is a very bright and caring young boy. He discovers that he is different from his friends and classmates. He has very special abilities that allow him to do many wonderful things. He lives in a nice home with his parents and little brother. Owen is planning on making a very special present to someone he cares a lot for.

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Owen Visits Grandma

Owen is on his way to see his grandma who lives all alone in the middle of nature. When his parents and him arrive at grandma’s home, they notice that she is feeling lonely. Owen loves his granny so much that he would always go out of his way to make her feel better. Owen begins a small adventure to make his grandma happy again.

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