About Author

An avid children lover and a dauntless soul, Luis Del Rosal was born in Mexico on March 16, 1973, with Tourette syndrome, a neurological condition that causes tics and affects the central nervous system. Yet he never let this condition impede his path to success and fame.

It is quite unfortunate that kids with TS face frequent bullying because of their differences and are often misunderstood due to the lack of awareness regarding this condition. This is where Luis Del Rosal, a children’s book author facing the same syndrome, comes forward to spread its awareness and fill the loopholes in society, revive the dead humanity and strengthen people with peculiarities by being a living example of utmost strength, absolute determination and ultimate success himself.

Rosal, a Hispanic boy, born in Mexico and raised in the United States, became bilingual in Spanish and English at an early age. At the age of eight, his family relocated to the United States. Throughout his academic career, Rosal was victimized multiple times. Nevertheless, he rose above his peculiarities and studied journalism. He graduated from Sweetwater Union High School in National City, California, in 1991 despite numerous obstacles. This relentlessly struggling soul began working at 16 in a department store and then as a host at Red Lobster. Despite getting bullied throughout his life, Rosal overcame his eccentricities and continued to work in the hotel industry as a PBX operator, reservations agent, and front office clerk at reception, positions that required absolute exposure and client interaction. He graduated from Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California, simultaneously balancing work and studies with skill.

In 1997, Rosal returned to his beloved native country of Spain, where he began a new chapter in his life by writing books to enhance children’s awareness and emotional intelligence. As a result of the ongoing difficulties and challenges he faced as a child growing up with Tourette syndrome, he decided to write children’s books to raise awareness about this rare disorder. He desired to aid those with the same condition, instil a strong sense of responsibility in young children, and instruct them in life’s fundamentals, such as friendship, acceptance, tolerance, rejection, and compassion. His writings aim to resolve all anomalies, revive the soul, restore faith, maintain peace, instil hope, and inspire motivation when all one can see in life is a vast void.

Luis Del Rosal is an extroverted individual who enjoys interacting with individuals of all ages. Not only has he mastered the art of holding a healthy conversation, but he has also travelled extensively, engaging with numerous people and making friends while keeping his head held high.

Rosal’s peculiarities have never prevented him from being kind. He is a kind soul who chooses to overcome his flaws and become more empathetic and socially responsible because he knows how difficult it is for society to accept and respect the differences in people without making such children feel like outcasts.

Rosal possesses a valid driver’s license, is fluent in multiple languages, studies abroad, and works every day to earn a living and live a happy life like everyone else. Although pursuing his goals has been a difficult struggle for him. Despite this, Rosal is able to rise above his eccentricities and prefers to be recognized for his vast talents and knowledge rather than his syndrome. His extensive list of accomplishments speaks for itself.

Luis Del Rosal fills societal voids, resurrects humanity, and encourages others with special needs by serving as a living example of success. His writings convey a clear message to never underestimate someone’s limitations, as they are just as capable of success as any other child on earth. So, dream BIG because dreams have no boundaries and see for yourself turning them into a picture-perfect reality.